I enjoy traveling.  This is a fact.  And I say it not because I am special about this, but rather because there are still people who do not like it.  How can this be?  I know there are a lot of worries and uncertainties but there is also a lot to learn, experience, understand, digest, absorb, share, etc.

For me traveling and getting to grasp the kaleidoscope of our world is what gives me the sense of security.  I like to know and by traveling and experiencing our differences, I find our common background which unite us all.

I travel since I was 27 days, did my first trip to the US alone in an Aerolineas Argentinas 707 airplane when I was 8.  And my work has always had a travel component.

So I think I have a lot to share and we can exchange views, tips and tricks to make the most of our next trip.  Thanks to internet, blogs like this one and social networks we can now enhance our travel experience with no limits.  Let’s do it.


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