Hello world!

Alejandro Debenedet - Fireworks - Ibiza, Summer 2010

It all starts someday. It’s not just having an idea, but doing something with it. I have been going around the bush with my blog for so long, written many draft intros and read a lot about how to do it, that it seems years now since I had the idea but nothing concrete happened until today.

But today is the day. As when I started tweeting a couple of months ago or connecting with friends and peers with LinkedIn and Facebook.  Or like the first time I wrote Hello World! as a CRT screen message from my first C program.

It all starts and today is my blog day. I hope to inspire while keeping track of my likes: discovering, travel, IT and particularly ITSM, cooking, reading, learning, social networks, leading. I hope it does not get confusing but leads the ones who get close to do more, learn more, lead more, share more, create more, be more, for a better “us” worldwide.

I tend to write a lot and talk a lot. But I am also fascinated by the power of simplicity. And when I started twitting I really enjoyed having to communicate in a fixed space:140 characters. So that inspired my blog title: ADebenedet407. To be direct and personal: my first letter and my surname which is not that common like other surnames so you can easily find me ;).  And to be concise: 407. Words, not characters. 7 because is MY number: my basketball jersey had the 7; my Hotwheels had 7 everywhere (which I hand-painted to them). 40 because is part of my life. So 407 words will be the max. No more. Guaranteed.

It all starts someday. My blog started. And today may be the day you start reading mine which would be great for me (and hope it will also be good for you).

Let’s communicate, connect, share, inspire.

Thanks for stopping by.