Public Speaking

Wikipedia says that Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners.

I started speaking in public at a very young age mostly for entertaining.  I remember standing at the gym, before a basketball match, aged 8 looking at the crowd (fathers mostly) and figuring out what to say.  I cannot remember a word, but I do remember the feeling at the very last moment when I asked the audience to repeat after me: Hip Hip Hurraaaayyyy !!! .  And to my surprise, everybody did and clapped accordingly for a long time.  I was fascinated with the response.

Then, when I was 10, I had the opening speech at our Mother’s Day performance from the institute where I studied English back in Argentina.  This time, I prepared myself.  I decided to write my speech so I could stick to it and be a bit less nervous.  And I did, I wrote my first speech, which I still have, in a pink toilet paper roll :) What was I thinking about !!!!  I remember moving forward and throwing it in all its length and start reading.  But again, the reaction of the audience (mostly mothers this time) was superb and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Since then, I did hundreds of presentations worldwide, more in the full sense of the Wikipedia definition above: to inform, deliberate.

I still get a bit nervous since I always think that what I have to say may influence in a positive way.  I also always wonder how the audience will react and I definitely expect the clapping and acceptance at the end, to know I have reach them.

Nowadays my presentations are about IT Service management (ITSM, ITIL, ISO 20000, simulation games), attitude and behaviour aspects (of IT but also on a broader sense) and soft skills.  I support them with presentations with lots of pictures and I am beginning to add a whitepaper as a takeaway.

I expect to add information in my blog on when and where I will be presenting next.  I will also add the presentations and whitepapers to download.

I hope this blog can be an extension of that great feeling that I have when we all connect at one of my appearances.  So please leave your comments, which I will take seriously and try to improve accordingly.


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