ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is definitely here to stay.  Born from the ashes of BS15000 it has been called the ITIL (r) standard for some years already.  Even though this is not exactly true, ISO 20000 is the undisputed ITSM standard.  It started with the best seller Part 1 (shall) and Part 2 (should) and it is now growing into more parts (8 to be precise as what the ISO workgroup is developing in 2010).  Therefore Jenny Dugmore has called them the ISO 20000 Series.

This growth expands the ISO 20000 standard from its humble youth into the definitive guideline for ITSM. That is why I like to call it the compass that aids in navigating the ITSM waters.  And that is why ISO 20000 is the #3 standard (in number of downloads) from ISO after the all time number one ISO 9000 and ISO 27000

In this section, I will post information regarding ISO 20000 in general plus training and certification.  I will also add some of my presentations and other material I prepared.

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