ITSM in China

In my first trip to China (business related; I hope the next is for tourism since it is a wonderful place) I was part of the EXIN delegation at Beijing to speak at the EXIN ITSM China 2010 event.

It is the third event in a row that hosted by Sun Zenpheng and presented by a local celebrity attracts more than 250 ITSM practitioners from many parts of China.

I had the chance to speak about the importance of people in a succesful ITSM adoption based on the study of the attitude, behaviour, resistance and cultural aspects (you can find the link below) as discussed for some time now by Paul Wilkinson from Gamingworks and ABC@Work.

It was good for me to have a sense of what the ITSM market looks like in this part of the world.  Much is being said of the potential of ITSM in China, but numbers are slow (probably also based on the expectations everyone has in such a market).  Still what I found is that there is an enormous interest (a second ITSM event was held on October 15th also in Beijing by AMP Group) so it is a matter of time and local support for things to get really started.

People are friendly, like to listen and learn and even though language may be a barrier (my colleagues and I presented in English, but the rest of the talks where in Chinese) they respectfully try to follow and get the most out of it.

I had the chance to talk to attendees and partners and I found that they have very big expectations on what the future will bring not because of ITIL, but mainly because of ISO 20000 and ISO 27000.  And I think they are right to hope this.

Some of the speakers showed how much they know about ITSM by comparing the top qualifications and certifications.  Others spoke about their adoption of ITSM via ISO 20000 and the benefits that brought.

All and all, it was a nice experience to be there and meet a vibrant culture that may shape our ITSM future in a short time.  Let’s keep watch.

If you are interested to learn more here is the link to the EXIN chinese website (use the google translator if you do not know Chinese).

EXIN Chinese website:

Event website with agenda (Chinese)

And here is my presentation:  The people factor in ITSM


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